Photography should be fun

There! We said it!

We LOVE taking photos, and specifically of people in love. Love isn’t this cold, weird, awkward thing. It’s a dynamic, exciting, evolving, and beautiful thing!!! So why should your photography session be weird, cold, and awkward? We want to capture the awesome bits that make your story YOUR story!! We want you to have so much fun at your session that you forget that we’re taking your photo and it just feels like a date night. We are lovers of the unposed, the in-between moments, and of you, exactly how you are, and we will be there to direct you the whole time!

Are you going to get gorgeous, intimate portraits? YUP! Are you also going to get those photos that immediately bring a huge smile to your face or straight up make you burst out laughing? Also, yes.

If you want a laid-back, fun, and memorable experience, you’ve come to exactly the right place. We can’t wait to get to know you better and start planning your session or big day!

it’s so much more than a day

Whether we are photographing your wedding or a portrait session, we don’t just show up, take your photos, and leave. We are SUPER passionate about making you comfortable and a big part of that is education. Before you book your session or wedding, we would love to meet (or Zoom!) to get to know you, discuss your vision, and help you plan the perfect shoot. We are firm believers there is no such thing as a bad question, and we’re happy to answer any you have!

Once your session or wedding is booked, we provide you with guides to walk you through exactly what to expect on your shoot or wedding day along with planning tips and suggestions for location, wardrobe, and much more! Still have questions after that? We are just a call, e-mail, or text away and super happy to help.


okay, so who is behind the lens?

I am Kat MacDonald. I love photography, I love people, and I love my husband, Taylor. Putting that all together? SIGN ME UP!

Taylor second shoots all of our weddings and most of our portrait sessions, and he is the best. We met snowboarding and fell head over heels with each other and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. We live in Port Perry with our little dog, Finn, but LOVE to travel.

Outside of work you’ll find us taking photos (yes it’s still a hobby outside TKM!), playing games (video, board, card… we just love games), planning our next adventure, re-watching our favourite TV shows, volunteering with our congregation, and cooking/eating. We seriously love food.

We have often been described as open books, so if you have any questions about our style, our life, or our favourite recipes, just hit us up! We really can’t wait to meet you.

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“I Can’t stop looking at them”

“It was a very relaxed environment to be ourselves during the photoshoot, and the results were amazing! It was very fun and natural. I didn’t feel like I was posing for a picture at any point. The composition of the photos and the naturalness of each shot made it look like artwork but then I saw our faces and was like, ‘Oh, yes, these are our photos!’ I can’t stop looking at them and picking favourites is almost impossible for me.”

— Caleb & MC